His Control: Even though he got a warning in the form of a floating dagger, giving time for him to reflect and make his final decision, but he still went on and murdered Duncan. He didn’t have to murder Banquo and Macduffs family, but he made that decision, one factor of his downfall.

Key Images From Macbeths Soliloquy: 1. “Life Has No Definite Meaning Or Purpose, So Make The Most Of Now.” – Lady Macbeth was going to die anyways, so there’s no point of getting sad. I’m not going to let that make me stop achieving my goals, to run the whole of Scotland.  

Shopkeeper: Busy – Serving a customer Shock – When I suddenly hear “Gun, Gun!” Instinct – By instinct, I grab my shotgun from under the counter and shoot. (Busy) I was concentrating on counting the change I had to give to the customer. The customer told me that I gave home 50p extra back, I […]

“Here’s the smell of the blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand…” linked to when Lady Macbeth returns the bloody daggers to frame the guards.

(Scene 1) Banquo and his son, Fleance are walking together late at night , when Macbeth enters with a servant. They start talking about the three witches and their prophesies and Banquo says that he dreamt of “the three weïrd sisters”. Everyone then exits the scene, and it’s just Macbeth. This is when Macbeth soliloquy takes place, where he hallucinates a floating dagger in front of his eyes, which slowly turns bloody. He pulls the dagger that he was going to use out of his back pocket, and realises that it’s identical to the one floating. “A bell rings” and this is the signal from Lady Macbeth to Macbeth to ” do the deed”. Continue reading

During the Second World War, the term ‘kamikaze’ was used for Japanese fighter pilots who were sent on suicide missions. They were expected to crash their warplanes into enemy warships. The word ‘kamikaze’ literally translates as ‘divine wind’. The pilot sees things that remind him about life, knowing that he will be certainly deing, like […]

Power is the capability or potential to do something. But power alone has no assured influence, pretty vague. Remains and War Photographer sifts through various kinds of power such as Power of Memory and Power of Guilt. Different types of power affect different types of people in various ways, shown in the following poems. In Remains, power of […]

The speaker of the poem has power in a senior position-Remains The power of conflict that the war photographer sees-War Photographer War Photographer has a lot of responsibility – is compared to the priest Power of guilt in Remains, his life is dominated by the thought of killing the man Power of guilt in War Photographer Power […]

Power Of Memory “…But my memory of it is clear” “…I am branded with an impression of sunlight” “…Cannot break my original view” “…But I cannot get it off my tongue. It tastes of sunlight.” I would use “cannot break my original view” because this shows that whatever someone says or thinks about her country, […]

We’ve been planning this for the past month now and the time has finally come. We were in sandals, dad was barefoot and we were waiting for the specific truck. It was early, around 1:30 (in the morning) and we were freezing. It took forever to get here, but finally, we got the all clear, […]